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Bartlett Pear

Apple Type: Fresh Eating | Sauces

The Bartlett pear tree produces the standard for pears. The Bartlett pear tree was originally referred to as “Williams Christ” pear discovered in England as an accidental collection at the end of the 18th century. The original name is from it’s first propagator, the tree specialist Williams; originally “Williams Bon Chrétien”. (Good Christian) In England it received the name “Stair Pear” and in States it was called the Bartlett of Boston. Bartlett pear trees bear large, golden yellow fruit blushed with brownish red; classic shape. Smooth, juicy, white flesh with a pleasant touch of tartness. Good for fresh eating, canning or preserves. Bartlett pears are best when ripened off the tree for a few weeks to develop that famous musky flavor.