Our Apples

The King of the Pippins apple trees (Reine des Reinettes) are still important in many French markets at the start of the season. A smooth, shiny outer skin, the King of Pippins apples are considered the best apple within the reinette family. Its color ranges from golden yellow to orange red, often an indication of long sun exposure. Crisp, white flesh that’s slightly acidic, but deliciously sweet and juicy. Best eaten out of hand, but also wonderful cooked and used as tarts.  Different sources report that King of the Pippins apple tree actually originated in Holland and was called Kroon Renet (crown reinette).  The French claim it’s a French variety, not Dutch, but alas we have named the English version King of Pippins.  The Reine des Reinettes in France,  King of the Pippins in England and Kroon Renet in Holland.  One thing is clear; it’s a special apple everyone wants to call their own.