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Calville Blanc

Apple Type: Cider | Fresh Eating | Pie | Sauces

The Calville Blanc d’ Hiver apple tree produces the gourmet culinary apple of France, excellent for tarts and holds its shape when cooked. The Calville Blanc d’ Hiver apple is a uniquely shaped, medium to large size fruit, yellow skin with light red flesh. Flesh is tender, sweet, spicy, flavorful, with a banana-like aroma more vitamin C than an orange. Grown by Le Lectier, procureur for Louis XIII; the Calville Blanc apples continue to be served in fine Parisian restaurants today. Calville Blanc d’ Hiver apple tree was also grown in the garden at Monticello in the 1770’s by Thomas Jefferson. This apple will make you pucker when first harvested. Mellows to a wonderful pear/pineapple essence in cold storage